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Suzhou ranks third in China's top 100 foreign trade cities

Suzhou Bureau of Commerce | Updated:2023-12-01 16:19

Vehicles from Chinese brands wait to be exported from a port in Suzhou, Jiangsu province. [Photo provided to China Daily]

The recently released list of the "Top 100 Foreign Trade Cities in China" for the year 2022, as unveiled by the General Administration of Customs, positions Suzhou as the third-ranking city nationwide.

In the category of cities with the most comprehensive foreign trade competitiveness, those in the eastern region continue to dominate, with 60 cities making the cut for 2022, marking an increase of one city compared to the previous year.

Guangdong's Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Jiangsu's Suzhou have maintained their stronghold as the top three cities for two consecutive years.

Among the top 20 cities in China for foreign trade imports and exports in 2022, 14 cities secured a position in the top 20 for comprehensive foreign trade competitiveness, indicating a decrease of two cities compared to 2021.

In recent years, China has been actively constructing and refining a high-quality modern circulation system. The flow of factors has become more convenient and efficient, and the influence of traditional material resources such as energy, minerals, and basic raw materials on a city's foreign trade development has somewhat diminished.

The focal point of competition for cities engaged in international trade is gradually shifting towards factors like policies, funding, ports, and talent, signifying a dynamic evolution in the landscape of global commerce.