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Suzhou Bureau of Commerce | Updated:2021-09-22 16:07

I. Implement national laws, regulations and policies on domestic and foreign trade, international economic cooperation and ports; draw up relevant local laws and regulations; formulate the city's business development and implementation plans. Supervise and analyze business operations; study economic globalization, regional economic cooperation, modern trading modes, new systems of open economy and reform of trading systems and put forward suggestions. Promote the informatization development of the municipal business system. 

II. Formulate plans for the development of municipal domestic trade; promote the development of urban and rural commodity markets; study and put forward policies for guiding domestic and foreign capital to invest in the construction of a commodities market system. Guide the planning of urban and rural commercial outlets and commodities trading markets; promote the construction of urban and rural commercial systems, as well as organize the implementation of modern rural trading network projects. 

III. Be responsible for promoting the restructuring of the trading industry; guide the reform of trading enterprises and the development of a trade services industry; put forward policy suggestions to promote the development of small and medium-sized commercial enterprises; promote the standardization of trading and the development of modern trading modes such as supply chain operations, commercial franchise operations and logistics distribution. Formulate policies to regulate market operations and the order of trading and be responsible for guiding commercial administrative law enforcement. Promote credit construction in the business field; guide commercial credit sales and establish a market integrity public services platform. Supervise and manage drug trading and other special trading industries according to relevant regulations. 

IV. Undertake the responsibility of organizing and implementing the regulation and control of the market for important consumer goods and the management of the trading of important means of production, as well as establish and improve the emergency management mechanism for the market supply of daily necessities. Conduct statistical monitoring and analysis of market operations and commodity supply and demand; forecast and give early warnings and information guidance, as well as be responsible for reserve management and market regulations of important consumer goods - excluding pork and sugar - according to the division of labor. Supervise and manage the trading of refined oil products according to relevant regulations. Promote consumption in the commercial field. 

V. Study and formulate policies and opening plans for ports; be responsible for the review and approval of port openings or closings according to regulations; coordinate and promote the informatization construction and management of e-ports and other ports; be responsible for the coordination services for "big customs clearances"; and coordinate and deal with the affairs of the city's special customs supervision areas. 

VI. Provide guidance, service, coordination and management for national and provincial development zones. Formulate and implement policies and measures to promote the development of zones; formulate the draft development plan for development zones for the whole city; provide guidance for development zones to formulate construction plans; study and analyze major problems in the construction of development zones and put forward suggestions. 

VII. Be responsible for managing imports and exports goods for the whole city. Formulate development plans, policies and measures to guide the promotion of foreign trade and the construction of a foreign trade promotions system; guide and promote the development of new forms and models for foreign trade, as well as promote the construction of export brands and export bases; be responsible for the management of import and export plans and quotas for important industrial products, raw materials and agricultural products; guide the records and registration of foreign trade managers; be responsible for the import and export and international bidding for mechanical and electrical products; implement national import and export policies for complete sets of equipment; standardize the order of foreign trade operations and promote the standardization and facilitation of the imports and exports trade. 

VIII. Preside over drafting for the development plan of the city's service trade and guide the opening up of the services trade field; formulate and implement policies and measures to promote the development of service exports and service outsourcing, together with relevant departments; promote the construction of service outsourcing platforms and carriers, as well as  promote the construction of public service platforms for the service trade; implement national policies for encouraging technology trade with other countries; supervise work on technology introductions and technology export restriction. 

IX. Implement national guidelines, policies, laws and regulations on the construction of the pilot free trade zone and promote the construction of the pilot free trade zones; implement national strategies and policies for multilateral and bilateral economic and trade cooperation (including region and pilot free trade zones); participate in handling the affairs of economic and trade relations between countries and regions, as well as establish and develop economic cooperation with the economic departments of foreign governments. 

X. Guide, coordinate and manage foreign investment; formulate and implement foreign investment policies and reform plans; implement reviews and approval and filings for foreign investment; guide and coordinate services for foreign-funded enterprises; cooperate with relevant departments to implement policies for encouraging regional headquarters and functional organizations of MNC; guide and standardize the promotion of foreign investment utilization. 

XI. Be responsible for the city's work on outbound investment and economic cooperation; formulate and implement policies and measures to promote foreign investment and cooperation; manage and supervise outbound investment, outbound contracted projects and outbound labor cooperation, etc; put on records in accordance with the law on local enterprises that invest overseas to establish enterprises and institutions (except financial enterprises), as well as conduct supervision and management; be responsible for foreign aid projects and receive free aid and grants from bilateral sides; promote the establishment of foreign investment cooperation promotions and service guarantee systems. 

XII. Organize and coordinate local enterprises to initiate or respond to anti-dumping, countervailing, safeguard measures, investigations and other work related to the fair trade of imports and exports; establish early warning mechanisms for fair trade in imports and exports; guide and coordinate industrial safety responses; implement national import and export control policies; coordinate a local comprehensive response for China's access to the WTO; participate in fair competition reviews. 

XIII. Study and put forward policy opinions on promoting the development of e-commerce; formulate development plans on e-commerce with relevant departments; promote e-commerce in the business services field; preside over the construction and management of the China (Suzhou) Cross-border E-commerce Pilot Zone. 

XIV. Implement national, provincial economic planning and policies for Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan; provide guidance for trade work with Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan; coordinate and manage work on investment from Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan; organize economic exchanges and cooperation activities with Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan. 

XV. Coordinate the commercial affairs of departments for customs, banks, foreign exchange, export credit insurance; guide and manage the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Jiangsu Sub-council entrusted by the municipal government. 

XVI. Complete other tasks assigned by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government. 

XVII. Functions transformation. Implement the decisions and arrangements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government; further transform functions; strengthen services; streamline administration and delegate powers; optimize the business environment; strengthen supervision during and after the event; promote the construction of law-based administration and legal construction; promote the high-quality development of business. 

XVIII. Division of responsibilities with the municipal market supervision administration. The municipal bureau of commerce shall be responsible for drawing up development plans and policies for drug trading and the municipal market supervision administration shall cooperate in implementing development plans and policies for drug trading in the course of drug supervision and administration, according to its duties.