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Suzhou Bureau of Commerce | Updated:2021-09-22 17:41
I. Administration office
Take responsibility for the routine work of the organs; undertake the work of information, publicity, security, confidentiality, letters and complaints, as well as transparency of government affairs; undertake the routine work of the office for the coordination leading group of municipal open economic development. 
Person in charge: Xu Yuanji  Tel: 0512-68633677 

II. General office (information division)
Study the development trends of economic globalization, regional economic cooperation and modern trading methods; study domestic and international trade, the new system of an open economy and the reform of the trading system, as well as put forwards opinions and suggestions on major issues; draw up business development plans and annual work plans; monitor and analyze business operations and put forward policy suggestions; undertake the release of business statistics; establish and improve the public service system for business information; preside over the information about and research into the business system; preside over the drafting of important comprehensive documents for the bureau; take charge of e-government and website management and guide the informatization of the business system.
Person in charge: Feng Junlong  Tel: 0512-68633696 

III. Policy and regulation division
Organize the drafting of local laws and regulations in the commercial field and study and draft policy suggestions for business development; coordinate the implementation of national laws, regulations, treaties and agreements in terms of commercial fields; review the legality of relevant normative documents, major administrative decisions, major law enforcement decisions and major contracts; undertake relevant administrative reviews and responses to administrative lawsuits; guide and coordinate legal constructions, publicity and the education of the commercial system; participate in fair competition reviews. 
Person in charge: Lu Shichao  Tel: 0512-68633690 

IV. Finance division
Study and put forward policy suggestions on business-related taxation and finance; jointly manage special commercial funds with relevant departments; be responsible for financial affairs, asset management, internal audits and economic responsibility audits of internal cadres; guide the financial and asset management of public institutions affiliated to the bureau.
Person in charge: Tang Bo Tel: 0512-68633655 

V. Market system construction division 
Draw up plans for the development of of trading within the city; study and put forward policies to guide all kinds of capital to invest in the construction of a commodities market system; guide the planning of urban and rural commercial outlets and commodities transaction markets (spot transactions); promote the development of community commerce and township trading centers, as well as the development of rural markets and an agricultural products trading system; promote the healthy development of the automobile trading industry; supervise and administer the sales of new cars, the trading of second-hand cars and the recycling and dismantling of scrapped automobiles according to relevant regulations. 
Person in charge: Li Ai  Tel: 0512-68633650 

VI. Trading industry development division
Formulate development plans for modern trade service industry; put forward policy suggestions on optimizing the structure of the trading industry, deepen reforms of the trade system and promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Promote the development of modern trading modes such as supply chain operations, commercial franchises and commercial logistics distribution; manage the drugs trading industry; and support the inheritance, protection, innovation and development of China's time-honored brands. Promote the development of green trading and guide energy savings and consumption reductions in the trading field; guide the reform of trading enterprises; promote the standardized development  of trading; guide the management for recycling of renewable resources; supervise and manage auctions, leases (except finance leases) and second-hand goods trading industries according to relevant regulations; and preside over comprehensive work related to the trading industry. Guide law enforcement of business administration; promote credit construction in the business field; preside over standardizing the promotions behavior of retail enterprises; preside over promoting the development of important product traceability systems; be responsible for domestic direct selling management; and supervise and manage single-purpose debit cards. 
Person in charge: Liu Daijiang  Tel: 0512-68630357 

VII. Market operations and consumption promotion division (cocoon silk coordination office) 
Supervise and analyze market operations and the supply and demand of commodities; issue market forecasts, early warnings and information releases and put forward corresponding regulation suggestions. Undertake the related work of establishing and improving the emergency management mechanism for the supply of daily necessities; be responsible for management of reserves and the market regulation of important consumer goods (excluding pork and sugar) according to the division of labor. Be in charge of cocoon silk coordination work; take charge of the trading of refined oil products according to relevant regulations; coordinate the work of promoting consumption in the commercial field and put forward measures and policy suggestions for promoting consumption in the commercial field. 
Person in charge: He Zhenxing  Tel: 0512-68633663 

VIII. Port division
Study and formulate ports policies and opening plans; be responsible for coordination services for municipal e-ports and "big customs clearance"; coordinate port clearance facilitation and be responsible for the review and approval of port openings or closings. Supervise and inspect the construction of port inspection facilities; be responsible for the examination, acceptance and approval of the opening or temporary use of newly built wharfs and other foreign-related operating areas within the opened ports. Centralize and coordinate problems encountered by port inspection institutions that need to be solved by local governments; organize and coordinate trans-regional port cooperation and exchanges; and be responsible for organizing and coordinating related work in the city's special customs supervision zone.
Person in charge: Ke Jinlong  Tel: 0512-68630399

IX. Development area division
Coordinate, guide and serve national and provincial development zones in the city; preside over drafting of local laws and regulations on development zones; undertake the compilation of  development plan drafts, as well as formulate policies and measures to guide the construction and development of municipal development zones. Work jointly with relevant departments to do an efficient job in the examination and approval of the establishment, cancellation, name change or adjustment of planned areas or locations of national and provincial development zones in the city. Study the development trends of the development zones and undertake statistical analysis and comprehensive evaluation of the development zones; study the major problems in the construction of municipal development zones and put forwards handling suggestions.
Person in charge: Liu Li  Tel: 0512-68630289 

X. Foreign trade division (office of mechanical and electrical products import and export office) 
Formulate municipal development plans and policies and measures for import and export goods; promote the strategy of winning by quality, the strategy of market diversification and the strategy of stimulating trade through science and technology. Formulate foreign trade promotions plans; organize, guide and coordinate foreign trade promotions activities and promote the development of a foreign trade promotions system. Guide and promote the construction of export bases, export brands and international marketing networks; guide and promote the development of new forms and models of foreign trade; be responsible for cargo imports and exports statistics and operation analysis; be responsible for import and export plans and the quota administration of important industrial products, raw materials and agricultural products; and guide the records and registration and the administration of foreign trading dealers. Be responsible for the imports and exports of mechanical and electrical products and the administration of international bidding for mechanical and electrical products, as well as implementing national import and export policies for complete sets of equipment. Coordinate and standardize the order of foreign trade operation, as well as promote the standardization of the import and export trade and the construction of a foreign trade credit system; and promote trade facilitation in a coordinated manner. 
Person in charge: Shen Jianchun  Tel: 0512-68633656 

XI. Service trade and trade service division
Take charge of the general management of the service trade; formulate and implement medium and long-term development plans, policies and measures for the service trade industry; promote and collect statistics on the service trade. Take responsibility for exhibition planning, promotions and management; undertake the administration of technology imports and exports and be responsible for the records and registration of technology imports and exports (except industrial parks). Provide guidance and services for the filings of international cargo transport agency enterprises; and undertake administration of the trade service industry (including the catering industry and accommodation industry). 
Person in charge: Zhao Youhong  Tel: 0512-68265933 

XII. Foreign investment management division. 
Guide and coordinate the management of foreign investment access; formulate and implement policies and reform plans for foreign investment; carry out approval and record-keeping management for the establishment and alternation of foreign invested enterprises in a coordinated manner. Work with relevant departments to implement incentive policies for regional headquarters and functional organizations for multinational cooperation; be responsible for the statistics of foreign investment projects; guide and standardize the development of the city's utilization of foreign investment. 
Person in charge: Gu Xi  Tel: 0512-68707212 

XIII. Foreign-invested enterprise service division
Guide, coordinate and manage the service for foreign-invested enterprises; monitor and analyze the production and operation of foreign-invested enterprises; be responsible for the statistics of the actual use of foreign capital. Guide qualification reviews of equipment purchase exemptions and tax refunds for foreign-funded R&D centers in the city; preside over organizing annual joint reports on investment and operations information of foreign-invested enterprises; coordinate with the liquidations, cancellations and other approvals and administration of foreign-invested enterprises within the scope of the authority. Carry out joint services for key foreign-invested enterprises and major projects; carry out handling of complaints and the mediation of foreign investment disputes in the city. 
Person in charge: Wu Jie  Tel: 0512-68633661 

XIV. Outbound investment and economic cooperation division 
Be responsible for the implementation of relevant national foreign investment and cooperation policies and the formulation and implementation of the municipal foreign investment and cooperation policies. Manage and supervise overseas investment (non-financial, including investment in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan), contracting projects, labor service cooperation, economic aid and the acceptance of international aid according to law. Guide, coordinate and manage the construction and development of overseas economic and trade cooperation zones implemented by enterprises from the city; coordinate the emergency resolution of overseas labor disputes and emergencies; and be responsible for promoting the establishment of the promotions and service system for foreign investment and cooperation. 
Person in charge: Wang Lei  Tel: 0512-68633660 

XV. Fair import and export division (industry security and import and export access division) 
Undertake work related to fair import and export trade and establish early warning mechanisms for fair trade of imports and exports; guide and coordinate responses to lawsuits over anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard measures investigations. Participate in the investigation of discriminatory trade policies, laws, regulations and practices against the export commodities of the city; assist in the implementation of trade remedy investigations; evaluate the impact and effect of the implementation of relevant trade remedy measures on industries, as well as put forward suggestions on the adoption of corresponding measures. Guide the litigation of trade disputes; establish and improve early warning mechanisms for industry damage; carry out international competitiveness surveys on industries; guide and coordinate responses to industrial safety; implement national imports and exports control policies; undertake work related to the affairs of the Suzhou WTO; coordinate the city's response work under the framework of the WTO, as well as carry out policy reviews, notifications and consultations on trade and investment; be responsible for the city's trade policy compliance. 
Person in charge: Xu Huilan  Tel: 0512-68633179 

XVI. Pilot free trade zone division (service outsourcing division) 
Implement national laws, regulations, guidelines and policies on the construction of pilot free trade zones; preside over replicating and promoting the experience of pilot free trade zones; and study major issues on the establishment, construction and development of pilot free trade zones. Promote work related to the pilot free trade zone strategy; undertake work related to bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements; and be responsible for promoting pilot work for China's service outsourcing demonstration cities. Carry out relevant regulations and policies on promoting the development of the service outsourcing industry; formulate and implement policies and measures for promoting the development of the service outsourcing industry in the city; organize and coordinate services outsourcing investment promotions activities; undertake service outsourcing statistics and service outsourcing platforms and carrier constructions; and undertake the specific work of the municipal leading group office for promoting international service outsourcing.
Person in charge: Lu Weimin  Tel: 0512-68634015 

XVII. E-commerce division
Promote the application and development of e-commerce in business services; promote the development of international e-commerce; cooperate to formulate and implement the policies and measures for the city to expand domestic and foreign markets by utilizing e-commerce; and carry out national and provincial e-commerce standards and norms. Promote the construction of key e-commerce enterprises, projects and parks; support e-commerce promotions and applications of small and medium-sized enterprises; promote the healthy development of various forms of e-commerce; and cooperate to construct credit systems in the field of e-commerce. Conduct gathering of e-commerce industry statistics, monitoring and analysis; take charge of the routine work for the municipal e-commerce leading work group; and undertake the work of the China (Suzhou) cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone office. 
Person in charge: Ming Yaohua   Tel: 0512-68630265 

XVIII. Administrative review and approval division 
In accordance with the laws and regulations, relevant national and provincial documents and the list of administrative powers of Jiangsu's provincial departments, be responsible for items subject to administrative examinations and approvals and finish them within the given time limit.
Person in charge: Shi Lei  Tel: 0512-68630370 

XIX. Foreign cooperation and exchange division (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao SARs Division) 
Undertake liaison work with foreign economic departments and various economic promotions agencies; manage foreign cooperation and exchange affairs; and undertake the reviews and approvals of municipal economic and trade groups going abroad for business. Invite foreign economic and trade personnel to Suzhou within the scope of authorization; coordinate the implementation of economic and trade plans, policies and measures with Hong Kong, Macao special administrative regions and Taiwan; and undertake work related to cooperation mechanisms for Jiangsu, Suzhou – and for foreign countries and regions – assigned by municipal and provincial governments.  
Person in charge: Huang Yuesu  Tel: 0512-68633665

XX. Human resources and education division 
Undertake the affairs of personnel, the establishment of institutions, manage labor costs, education and training of the bureau and its affiliated institutions; and guide the development of a business systems team. 
Person in charge: Lin Tianshu  Tel: 0512-68630239 

Party Committee 
Take charge of the Party-member work for organs and affiliated units. 
Person in charge: Liu Jianjia  Tel: 0512-68630252 

Retired officials division
Take charge of the affairs of retired officials from various organs and guide affiliated units to carry out the affairs of retired officials. 
Person in charge: Huang Zhen  Tel: 0512-68630231