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Suzhou supports accelerated growth of individual businesses

Suzhou Bureau of Commerce | Updated:2023-06-15 11:54

The municipal government of Suzhou approved the "Several Measures to Promote the High-Quality Development of Individual Businesses in Suzhou" on June 12.

Focusing on optimizing the development environment, reducing operating costs, increasing financial assistance, and enhancing comprehensive services, the government has further refined and improved policy measures to help individual businesses accelerate their growth.

Individual businesses are closely linked to the daily lives of the general public. From popular local cafes to online stores, they provide convenient services and high-quality products, meeting people’s daily needs.

Suzhou is a fertile ground for the growth and development of individual businesses.

The renowned Guanqian Street alone is home to over 3,200 such businesses. As of April 18, the total number of individual businesses in Suzhou surpassed 2 million for the first time, accounting for one-fifth of the province's total.

In 2022, Suzhou established a joint system to support the development of individual businesses. Various measures have been taken to provide assistance and support for these businesses, considering their wide reach and large numbers.

According to the measures, departments across the city should coordinate and connect various policies and measures to support the development of individual businesses, tailor them to local conditions, refine measures, and maximize the benefits of policies.