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Notice on several measures to support the development of the first brand store of the municipal government office

Suzhou Bureau of Commerce | Updated:2021-11-17 19:47

The purpose is to implement the work requirements of the municipal Party committee and municipal government on vigorously developing the first store economy. It is to give further full play to the fundamental role of consumption in driving economic growth, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of consumption, promote the internationalization and quality development of Suzhou's consumer market and to accelerate the construction of Suzhou as an international consumer city.

Main content:

This includes 16 measures in five aspects. The first aspect is to formulate first store certification standards and procedures.

The second is to support the optimization of the development environment of the first store, create the first store economic demonstration landmark and build the first store commercial ecosystem.

The third is to vigorously attract the first stores of different brands, support leading international or well-known domestic brands to open first stores using independent legal entities in Suzhou. It is to  support the development of first stores for local brands such as "Jiangnan Culture" and "Made in Suzhou", to support incentives for commercial carrier operators to increase the attraction of first stores brands – as well as to encourage international or domestic well-known brands to hold global or national new product launch events in Suzhou.

The fourth is to establish a guaranteed working mechanism to promote the economic development of the first store, establish the city's first store leading construction group and a joint conference mechanism. It is to establish the city's first store economic alliance. It is to hold a first store economic commercial conference every year to help build an official platform for promotions and communications, to do a good job in the demonstration evaluation of the first store economy, advanced commendations, the development of the first store of the various brands and other work.

The fifth aspect involves supplementary measures. This policy is applicable to the Suzhou metropolitan area and will be implemented on Jan 1, 2022, with a validity period of three years.