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Suzhou races ahead in global investment

Suzhou Bureau of Commerce | Updated:2024-04-22 16:29

An aerial view of Taicang port in Suzhou. [Photo provided to Suzhou Bureau of Commerce]
Suzhou will host its inaugural Suzhou Global Investment Promotion Conference at the Suzhou International Expo Center from April 25 to 28, aiming to seize new global investment opportunities.
The conference will gather representatives from Fortune Global 500 companies in Suzhou and unveil the Global Investment "Partnership Program."
In recent years, Suzhou has been vigorously promoting investment attraction worldwide, reaching out to destinations such as Singapore, Denmark, and Germany. Armed with incentives like headquarters economy development and reinvestment profits, Suzhou has engaged in bilateral efforts with foreign enterprises, demonstrating its unwavering commitment.
At the end of 2022, Suzhou organized a local government economic and trade delegation to go abroad for investment promotion after a three-year hiatus. They arrived in Paris, France, in the wee hours of the morning to maximize their time for visits and promotions, aiming to attract foreign investment.
In 2023, Suzhou dispatched 331 delegations comprising 1,274 individuals to conduct investment promotion activities abroad, seizing opportunities to attract high-quality foreign investment projects. They organized a series of investment promotion and economic and trade exchange activities in Singapore, Germany, Belgium, Japan, and other places.
In early April this year, Suzhou was invited to participate in the "Invest in China" 2024 overseas promotion event. A delegation from Suzhou spent a week in Denmark and Germany for promotion and exchanges, showcasing Suzhou's resource endowments, advantageous industries, business environment, and investment opportunities.
The delegation also seized the opportunity to hold roundtable discussions with foreign companies to better serve their development in Suzhou. Executives from more than ten well-known German companies such as Bosch and Porsche affirmed Suzhou's investment environment and expressed their willingness to continue cooperation.