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Suzhou launches program to facilitate foreign trade

Suzhou Bureau of Commerce | Updated:2023-04-03 10:28

The Suzhou Bureau of Commerce recently launched the "Suzhou Foreign Trade Enterprise Service Platform", local media reported on March 31.

The platform is available in the form of a WeChat mini-program and is aimed at helping for small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises negotiate orders and expand into overseas markets.

The Suzhou Foreign Trade Enterprise Service Platform. [Photo provided to the Suzhou Bureau of Commerce]

The mini-program's homepage displays entry and exit services related to matters like passport handling and visa applications.

The policy and exhibition information section will display the latest exhibition information at home and abroad. There will also be contact information for various commerce departments, customs, and foreign exchange management bureaus.

The mini-program also offers consulting services to enterprises. The Suzhou Bureau of Commerce said it will mobilize all resources to provide efficient and "one-to-one" services to foreign trade enterprises.

The platform has already been synced with government public service platforms such as "Su Business Pass".