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The municipal government office issued a notice on several measures to support the development of new offshore international trade

Suzhou Bureau of Commerce | Updated:2021-11-17 19:46

The purpose is to conscientiously implement the requirements of the municipal Party committee and government on vigorously developing new type of offshore international trade. It is to improve the quality of trade, promote the healthy and orderly development of a new type of offshore international trade, build Suzhou into a model city in the Yangtze River Delta for offshore trade and reinforce Suzhou's advantages in the opening-up process and to cultivate new hot spots in the digital economy.

Main content:

This includes five aspects. The first is to build a public service platform, establish a public service platform for offshore trade, promote information sharing among government, banks and enterprises and provide accurate profiles of enterprises.

The second is to support innovation in efficient foreign exchange settlements conducted by financial institutions. According to the three principles of trade exhibitions, banking institutions can independently decide the types of transaction documents to be examined on the premise that they have a real and legitimate transaction basis, commercial rationality and logic, and are not suspected of constructing or using new offshore international trade to carry out speculation and arbitrage, the irregular transfer of funds and other proscribed transactions.

The third is to support innovation in regulatory measures. Regulatory agencies should closely follow the innovative development of the new type of offshore international trade, follow the principle of "encouraging innovation, tolerance and prudence", proactively respond to market demands and continue to improve the level of management services.

The fourth is to expand credit insurance support, to encourage offshore trade and multinational companies to take out import and export credit insurance and to expand the scope of coverage to overseas offshore or business entity sales.

The fifth is to support active exploration in all sectors, encourage each sector to promote the participation of local enterprises in offshore trade according to their own development characteristics, support the introduction of support policies and measures and to optimize the environment for the development of offshore trade.