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Notice of the municipal government office on issuing several measures to support the transfer of export products to domestic sales, to promote the integrated development of domestic and foreign trade in Suzhou

Suzhou Bureau of Commerce | Updated:2021-11-17 19:45

The purpose is the in-depth implementation of the "Implementation Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Supporting the Transfer of Exported Products to Domestic Sales" – as well as the "Notice of the Provincial Government General Office on Several Measures to Support the Transfer of Exported Products to Domestic Sales to Promote the Integrated Development of Domestic and Foreign Trade".

It will implement the municipal Party committee and municipal government's work arrangements, give full play to the government's guiding role and encourage foreign trade enterprises to actively explore the domestic market while expanding the international market. It will accelerate diversified development, promote the basic stability of foreign trade, satisfy the needs of domestic consumption, promote the deep integration of domestic and foreign markets, the effective integration of domestic and foreign trade and realize the mutual promotion of domestic and international double cycles.

Main content:

This comprises seven aspects. The first is to optimize market access services. Products that are exported for domestic sales shall comply with the requirements of relevant Chinese laws and regulations. For those that need to obtain administrative approval, green fast-track channels for approval shall be opened and professional services guidance shall be provided.

The second is to carry out the "Four Entries" activities, strengthen the connectivity of domestic and foreign trade enterprises, guide foreign trade enterprises to launch ventures in shopping malls, supermarkets, neighborhoods and wholesale channels to help enterprises absorb inventory and withdraw funds.

The third is to expand online sales, promote foreign trade companies to expand domestic sales through e-commerce, support foreign trade companies to develop new business models – such as live streaming – in an orderly fashion and to expand the B2C business of exporting products to domestic sales.

The fourth is to increase support for domestic exhibitions, support foreign trade companies to participate in domestic exhibitions and expand domestic sales channels.

The fifth is to support the development of e-commerce service platforms and support vertical industry e-commerce platforms to cooperate with foreign trade production companies in related categories. It is to provide foreign trade companies with a series of services such as product designs, flagship store operations, brand planning, marketing promotions and supply chain integration for domestic sales.

The sixth is to optimize domestic sales tax services. For foreign trade enterprises engaged in domestic sales – according to their tax credit rating and actual operating conditions – the maximum amount of invoices received and the amount of invoices shall be determined according to the needs of the enterprise.

The seventh is to increase financial support services, give full play to the advantages of the comprehensive financial service model, strengthen the role of financial infrastructure and unblock the channels for bank-enterprise connectivity and to effectively alleviate corporate financing difficulties.