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Here Comes the Year of the Rabbit

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated:2023-01-20 14:44

In Chinese traditional culture, the Spring Festival is the biggest festival of the year for the Chinese people. As one of the twelve Chinese zodiac animals, the rabbit is not only cute, but also holds many interesting implications.

When a Chinese person asks about your zodiac, their real purpose is not only to understand your sign, but also to ask your age politely, or to find out your personality characteristics. If the rabbit is your zodiac, you tend to be gentle, quiet, humble, courteous, and meticulous.

In traditional Chinese culture, rabbits have always been regarded as auspicious animals. In ancient times, white rabbits were the symbol of national prosperity. There are also countless traditional stories about rabbits. The image of the rabbit depicted as the "Moon Goddess" is also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. China's first lunar rover is also called the "Jade Rabbit".

In the hearts of the people the image of rabbit has always carried the constant pursuit of Chinese people to go higher and further for thousands of years. It is kind, beautiful, peaceful and healthy. In 2023, we are all ready for the coming of the "rabbit".

Illustrator: Li Min

Produced by Generation Z studio & Times' Palette Studio